Your Business and Your Website

Business Card

Think of your website as an online business card or the window to your business. It gives potential customers a peek inside who you are and what you do. You want people to come to your site and easily identify the following:

  • Why – Start with your “Why”. Make sure your customers know why you are here.
  • What – What you do and what your business is about.
  • Who – Tell them about who you are and about the people that work there.
  • When/Where – And of course, give them a way to contact you. Email, phone, form, etc.

Look, Feel and Mobile Friendly

Take a look at your website and ask yourself:

  • What does it say about your brand?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • When you look at the site is it easy to tell what your business does or does it take some digging?
  • Is it easy to find the contact information?
  • Is there a call to action on the page?

These are some (not all) of the elements you need to think about when reviewing your website.

Think about it, we have all been to websites that have too much going on or we have no idea how to navigate or find what we are looking for. The experience is not fun, we get frustrated and close the window. You don’t want this happening to potential customers when they visit your website.

Make sure your website is clean, easy to navigate, conveys your message, is inviting and mobile friendly. This lets people know you care about your company and it’s image. Your business website is sometimes the first impression people get..make it a good one!

Brand Voice

Last but not least, make sure the message you are conveying and the content you are creating is in sync with your brand voice. Determine what that is and stick with it. Be consistent with your content. This will help build your brand and trust amongst your consumers.

Take a Look

In this day and age, your website says a lot about your business. It’s important that it’s kept current and up to date. Not only the information on the site but the code should be clean and up to standards. Take some time, look at your website and ask yourself some of the questions discussed in the post. Even ask other people to take a look and get their feedback because sometimes it’s hard to judge our own work.

Whether it’s a new website or just making some changes to an existing site, it’s better to get an outside opinion on what changes need to be made and where you should focus your efforts and dollars.  It can mean the difference in increased website traffic, more conversions and more leads coming in from the site.

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